In the Presence of (Walker County) Heroes

Since 2014, the Walker County Health Action Partnership has worked diligently through community organizations to improve health outcomes for Walker County residents. The need is imperative, and the task can at times be daunting; but the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the issue for local healthcare and long-term care workers.

As cases of the virus rose rapidly and resources were stretched to the limit, these individuals remained true to their mission – putting themselves at risk, working seemingly endless hours and enduring unimaginable stress. While the pandemic is still with us, we are grateful for their continuing commitment and some measure of relief.

As a token of our appreciation to these frontline workers, and recognition of their truly heroic courage, compassion and unwavering life-saving efforts, volunteers from United Way of Central Alabama and the Walker County Health Action Partnership distributed “I am a Walker County Hero” t-shirts to the staff at Capstone Rural Health Center, Walker Baptist Health System and Ridgeview and Ridgewood Health Services earlier this month.

We are grateful to these individuals and organizations for their long-standing partnership and for their commitment to “make Walker County a healthier place to live, learn, work and play.” For more information about the Walker County Health Action Partnership or how to get involved, visit Walker County Health Action Partnership.

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