Early Learning Pre-K Forum

Bold Goals Education is working to advance Kindergarten Readiness in Central Alabama. The Bold Goals Education Pre-K Forum on June 14th is a kick-off event for a six-month process to provide resources and supports to community-based childcare providers interested in applying for First Class Pre-K Funds. The overall goal of the process is to increase the accessibility of community-based First Class Pre-K programs within Jefferson County. The Alabama State Department of Early Childhood Education welcomes a diverse delivery system including for-profit and non-profit child care providers, church daycares, public and private schools, Head Starts, and other types of providers.  With Governor Robert Bentley’s announcement of more than 150 new First Class Pre-K grants for the ’16-’17 school year, the number of high quality, state-funded voluntary pre-kindergarten classrooms will now be more than 800 statewide. This will open the door to approximately 25% of the state’s four year olds for access to a classroom in their community next year. Advocates are in year four of a ten-year campaign to encourage the Legislature to fully fund First Class Pre-K by the year 2023 so that all families can choose to enroll their four-year-olds. Bold Goals Education is committed to advancing Kindergarten Readiness by expanding access to First Class Pre-K in Central Alabama.  Community-based child care centers can play a key role in expanding access, and the Bold Goals Education Pre-K Forum on June 14th will be a critical step in aligning community resources to support them.