December Update – Education

Dear Friends of Bold Goals Education,education icon

Thank you for everything you have done to make 2015 an exciting and successful year for Bold Goals Education! Your dedication to this movement means that:

• We’re reaching over 1,000 students with the Kindergarten Entry Assessment, up from just 200 last year.
• We’re joining the nationwide Campaign for Grade Level Reading to accelerate our work in improving attendance and reducing chronic absenteeism.
• We’ll serve at least 3,900 high school seniors through our FAFSA completion network in 2016.

This is remarkable progress, and it’s only possible because of your ongoing, personal commitment to this work. Please take a moment to celebrate 2015 by viewing the special Year In Review presentation for Bold Goals Education at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to share it with others in the community who need to be part of this work.

As you are making plans for 2016, please remember that all of our Action Networks now have standing meetings:

Early Learning Action Network: The second Thursday of every month at 1:30pm at United Way
3rd Grade Reading Action Network: The first Wednesday of every month (starting in February) at 12pm at Oliver Elementary. The January meeting will be on the 13th at 12pm.
Post Secondary Retention/Persistence Action Network: The second Tuesday of every month at 1pm at United Way

As always, you can also keep up with our meeting schedules on our Events page.

On behalf of our Co-Chairs, Bill Jones and Phil Hammonds, thank you for making 2015 an outstanding year for Bold Goals Education, and have a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy the presentation below.