Creating Synergy Among Financial Service Providers

Last weekdollar-709698_960_720[1] the Bold Goals Financial Services Steering Committee met to provide direction and oversight to the Bold Goals network of financial services providers. United Way of Central Alabama was happy to announce to the committee members that we have contracted with the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA) to help us more effectively collect and analyze the data being submitted by our network providers. To date, we have collected more than 800 client records, which include a wide range of financial information. PARCA has begun to better define the specific financial goals and metrics we would like to measure among each provider and also as a network.

The Financial Services Steering Committee also discussed the reasons why the creation of a network for financial services is relevant for board members, clients, funders and businesses. Some of the key reasons include giving us a better view of the community’s needs and the services needed to support low-income families, as well as the need to work more closely together as a network in order to reduce duplication of services to our clients.