Coming out of the Pandemic: Bold Goals Coalition Sets Priorities for Recovery

Since 2014, the Bold Goals Coalition has served as a resource to help our community come together to identify, address and solve some of Central Alabama’s biggest problems. More than 200 organizations have engaged in developing and implementing strategies to help us collectively achieve more than we can accomplish individually. As our community continues to recover from the pandemic, the Coalition’s newly created Steering Committee recently approved a Pandemic Recovery Plan that prioritizes a few key issues that will be critical for a strong, sustainable recovery.

The pandemic elevated local needs related to Hunger Relief, Mental and Behavioral Health, Child Care and Early Education and Addressing COVID-Driven Learning Loss. Achieving measurable improvements in these areas during our recovery will require enhanced collaboration across many organizations, cities, school districts and communities throughout our six-county region.

Our mission as a Coalition is to find and implement solutions that produce results. As we work in these key areas, we will keep equity central to our work and focus our attention on communities most directly affected by health and education disparities. Our goal as a Coalition is to bring enhanced public attention to these important issues, launch innovative programs to address them directly and advocate for policy changes to solve our community’s biggest problems.

To view the Coalition’s Pandemic Recovery Plan, click here. And if you would like to learn more about the Coalition’s work and how to get involved, please reach out to Ryan Parker by emailing

The Bold Goals Coalition is 200 organizations solving big community problems by aligning partners, resources and agendas.