Bold Goals Education in the Words of Bill Jones

The Bold Goals Education Coalition is one of the most exciting and valuable initiatives I have experienced. It promises to be a game changer for improving graduation rates and preparation for college and/or careers in central Alabama, by coordinating the great work and effort of hundreds of organizations and individuals to improve education.

Since 2013, non-profit agencies, school superintendents, public officials, business leaders, foundations, the Alabama State Board of Education, parents, principals, teachers, faith-based groups, and others, led by the United Way of Central Alabama, have convened, discussed the issues, set goals, agreed upon the necessary data, and developed plans to specifically improve student readiness (Pre-K), student success (K through 12), and post-secondary achievement (college and career). Early successes already include additional Pre-K sites and improved kindergarten readiness, higher math and reading scores, improved graduation rates and increased college applications, as well as receipt of several financial grants to help further this work.

This is a proven initiative in other communities like ours around the country…convene all individuals and groups interested in improving education, set common goals for improvement and agree upon relevant data to measure success, coordinate efforts, communicate thoroughly, and build on successes.

If this interests you, I urge you to join us!

– Bill Jones