Bold Goals Coalition Releases 2024 Policy Agenda

United Way’s Bold Goals Coalition recently released its annual Policy Agenda, highlighting priority issues and advocating for changes that could further improve lives and communities within Central Alabama. The Policy Agenda represents a collaborative effort to collectively advance change in key areas affecting families in the region and across Alabama. 

The Policy Agenda priorities include early learning, student success, mental health and hunger relief.  Working to advance policy and systems changes in these areas further supports the Coalition’s work in building partnerships and fostering collaboration to improve on-the-ground services that are critical to improving futures for families and communities in our region.

In addition to supporting key policy changes, the Policy Agenda also recommends investments that promote, sustain and expand opportunities for individuals and families to succeed and thrive.

As the Bold Goals Coalition works to facilitate long-term changes in Central Alabama, policy change is a critical element of improving systems to achieve better results.    

Click here to view the policy agenda and learn more about the Bold Goals Coalition’s priorities.