Bold Goals Are Guided by a Bold Agenda

The Bold Goals Coalition recently unveiled its 2023 Policy Agenda, which will guide the Coalition’s advocacy efforts to create lasting change and improve outcomes for children and families across Central Alabama.

The Policy Agenda is intended to support the enhancement of programs that have been shown to be successful, while also creating comprehensive systems of support in key areas identified by Coalition partners as priority issues. These include:

  • Hunger relief.
  • Mental health.
  • Early education.
  • Student academic support.
  • Healthcare.
  • Transportation.

Thanks to the leadership of organizations, such as the Alabama School Readiness Alliance, VOICES for Alabama’s Children, A+ Education Partnership, Alabama Arise, Jefferson County Department of Health and the American Heart Association, among others, meaningful policy changes and state and local investments were made in 2022 toward improving quality child care, supporting school-based mental health services and expanding community-based programming for students.

The 2023 Policy Agenda builds on that success and continues our collaborative work toward long-term, community-wide improvements that the Coalition and its partners have been focused on since its creation in 2014.

Recognizing that policy change is a powerful tool for transforming systems, the Coalition will continue to pursue policy solutions at the local, state and national levels to move us closer to those goals.

The Bold Goals Coalition takes on large, systemic issues by building partnerships that accelerate lasting change.