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Bold Goals Launches Campaign to End Summer Hunger

For thousands of children in Central Alabama, the end of the school year is the beginning of a long, hungry summer. That’s because kids can depend on free or reduced-price meals at school. But summer vacation creates a big gap in meal service, putting many […]

Bold Goals Education is Named National “Pacesetter”

Improving the quality and accessibility of education in our five-county region is one of the primary areas of focus for the Bold Goals Coalition of Central Alabama. A collaborative network of organizations, agencies and individuals works tirelessly to reach one milestone after another. And now, […]

A New Perspective on Poverty

The newly established goal of the Bold Goals Coalition’s Financial Services Network (FSN) is to help 2,500 people in Central Alabama achieve financial stability by 2025. To accomplish this, members of the FSN are preparing for the launch of a pilot program that will digitally […]