Working to Make Central Alabama a Healthy Place to Live, Learn, Work, and Play

Our Vision: People living, working and playing in the Central Alabama region enjoy complete physical and mental well-being.

Our Mission: Aligning resources to ensure equitable access and aggressive prevention efforts that lead to healthy living and complete well-being.

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Our Problem: Alabama currently ranks 43rd out of 50 states in the United States for poor health outcomes. This ranking indicates higher than national rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and preventable disease, all of which limit individuals and communities from achieving optimal health.

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Our Key Strategies: Strategies will concentrate on the areas of prevention and access to care with a focus on decreasing existing health disparities in the region. Through county specific Health Action Partnerships and identifying evidence-based strategies, the Healthy Communities workgroup seeks to improve access to environments and care that empower individuals to make choices that will positively improve health.

All Central Alabama counties will be ranked in the top 10 for health outcomes in Alabama by 2025*.



Bold Goals Healthy Communities Structure and Leadership


Co-Chair: Dow Briggs, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Co-Chair: Gordon G. Martin, Alabama Power Company


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