All households in Central Alabama

will have the resources to be financially stable.  

financial bubble

Our Vision: Every adult has the resources they need to achieve financial stability.

financial bubble

Our Mission: Engage and align community resources to prepare adults for employment and management of their personal finances.

financial bubble

Our Problem: In Central Alabama, less than two-thirds of households are considered financially stable and more than half of single-mother households live below the poverty line.

financial bubble

Our Key Strategies: Create financial education programs that everyone can access. Increase financial opportunities for families by helping to open doors with banking and other financial institutions. Provide services to educate and train more workers to enter the labor force at higher wages. Connect the community to financial and employment resources.

By 2025, decrease the number of income-poor households in Central Alabama from 18% to the national average of 14%.


Bold Goals Financial Stability Structure and Leadership


Co-Chair: Greg King, Iberia Bank
Co-Chair: Robert Aland, National Bank of Commerce

Asset Building Council

  • Co-Chair: John Florio, JFM Community Resources
  • Co-Chair: Heidi Schoonover, BB&T

Workforce Council

  • Co-Chair: Ryan Hankins, M-Power Ministries
  • Co-Chair: Father Alex Steinmiller, Holy Family Cristo Rey

Please visit our events page and resource page for more information related to the work of Bold Goals Financial Stability.